• Tanner Bates

    Welcome again to Nature's First Aid. A number of people have asked us about the off cut leather we use to make the kits and what that means? "off-Cut" leather is the remnants left over that are usually too small to make into many items and thrown away. The kits for naturesfirstaid are the perfect... View Post
  • Spring

    March the 20th. Yippee! Welcome to Spring from Nature's First Aid! We are so excited to be sending this to you, so thank you for subscribing! If you haven't heard of us, we offer handmade essential oil kits which combine different essential oils to provide holistic treatment for health and wellb... View Post
  • "How to use essential oils"

    How to use the essential oils in Nature's First Aid kits. View Post
  • Nature's Yoga Kit

    Nature's Yoga Kit to work along side and support your yoga practice.

    View Post
  • SafeLine

    Just one small act of support or kindness ripples out and has far reaching effects. View Post

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