Tanner Bates

Welcome again to Nature's First Aid. A number of people have asked us about the off cut leather we use to make the kits and what that means?
"off-Cut" leather is the remnants left over that are usually too small to make into many items and thrown away. The kits for naturesfirstaid are the perfect size to use these unique pieces.

We pick through the bets of off-cut leather locally from Tanner Bates who make beautiful handmade bags and belts. All their best quality genuine leather comes from smaller family-run tanneries that use traditional processes that use traditional processes and produce leather that lasts and is full of character.

We are lucky enough to be near Bakers tannery in East Devon where we get our Oak Bark Tanned leather. Our other favourites are tanneries in Florence Italy, for their sumptuous hides in a wide range of colours, and the Horween tannery in Chicago USA, where they specialise in horsehide.

Leather tanned naturally using tree bark

Naturally tanned leather used in making Tanner Bates items has that familiar smell of real leather. Only leather made by this age-old process using tree barks to transform animal skin to leather has this smell. Modern factory processed leather lacks this very distinctive feature.

A very big thank you to Matt and the guys at Tanner Bates and looking forward to seeing you soon.


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Designed for life’s ups and downs. The perfect gift for someone you love or to gift yourself. They are 100% pure essential oils. They work on an emotional and physical level going back to the original remedies found in plants. Handmade in Torcross, Devon. In upcycled leather pouch.

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