Nature's Yoga Kit

"Keep Moving"

Movement is becoming more and more important in our daily lives.
One of our favourite ways of moving our bodies is to practice yoga. 



As well as being a safe way to increasing you fitness it also improves your strength, flexibility, balance and also arguably most importantly your breathing.

The practice of yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago and has now been adapted around the world to suit different needs. It is made up of different postures and sequences in a series of movements. Sometimes slow and sometimes faster, the thing we love about practicing Yoga is that you can adapt it to become your personal practice.



We have just launched our new:

Nature's Yoga Kit

This kit is designed to support your Yoga practice.
Add a few drops from our Yoga kit blends to a diffuser or your chakra points and take your physical, mental, and spiritual health to the next level. 

The essential oils are 100% pure so you only need to use a small amount and please dilute with a carrier oil like coconut. Nature's First Aid uses the natural medical properties found in plants. Directions inside.


"Nature's Yoga Kit"

There are four oils featured within the kits and they all have different uses.


- This essential oil blend helps centre the body. Used with Yoga practices like Warrior II, Triangle and Gate poses it can help align the body and create a sense of peace and purpose.

- Inhale from bottle or apply 2 drops to porcelain bracelet or necklace (sold separately). Before starting each day, apply Align over your heart, wrists and back of the neck to promote feelings of self-acceptance and fluidity.

- Contains a blend of peppermint, basil, geranium and jasmine flower essential oils.


- This enlightening blend can provide joy to uplift you and rise up. Ideal to use in your Yoga practice with Standing Mountain and half moon poses.

- When you wake up, apply 2 drops onto your heart while practising daily affirmations, to help you face the day with clarity. Infuse with a diffuser or jewellery (sold separately) 

- Contains a blend of grapefruit, lemon, osmanthus and siberian fir essential oils.



- Anchor helps restore balance and stillness in your life. When faced with challenges it helps encourage a steady way forward. Ideal to use when meditating, twist poses in yoga and Bhu Mudra (one hand on heart, the other on the earth).

- Apply a few drops to the ankles, base of spine and bottoms of feet to promote calm and completeness. Especially good to use meditation.

- Contains a blend of lavender, cedar wood, sandalwood, cinnamon, frankincense, black pepper and patchouli essential oils.


- Assists with all balancing yoga exercises, including Eagle. Tree and Dancer poses. The practice of yoga helps promote lifelong health and vitality of both a balanced mind and body.

- Inhale from the bottle or infuse into the air with porcelain diffuser (sold separately). Also apply a few drops to the bottoms of the feet to feel more grounded. 

Contains spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile and osmanthus essential oils.


As yoga is very specific to postures and movements we would recommend taking part in a basic class first to learn the current ways to hold your body in each pose as a beginner. You can get advice on the NHS website or from a professional yoga teacher. 

Of course, stay safe, positive and happy, love Nature's First Aid

Nature's Mini Gift Kits

Designed for life’s ups and downs. The perfect gift for someone you love or to gift yourself. They are 100% pure essential oils. They work on an emotional and physical level going back to the original remedies found in plants. Handmade in Torcross, Devon. In upcycled leather pouch.

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