Deborah Schenck | Owner of Nature's First Aid

The idea for Nature’s first aid came from my love of using essential oils and being a doTERRA wellness advocate. In the world we live in, I have gravitated towards using natural oils as a first choice before running to my traditional first aid box. That is not to say they should replace medical care but like all aspects of our life, I have discovered nature already has the answers for us without the negative side effects of artificial chemicals. The results have been amazing and I wanted to share them with you because they work on both a physical and emotional level.


The oils can treat an ailment from the perspective of healing the whole body and respecting the balance of physical and mental wellbeing. The kits have been designed with travel friendly packaging so you can have them with you at all times. I have found them empowering to have them "on hand", for instance with an unexpected headache, cut or burn. Equally, they can be used to support the stress and anxiety we are all experiencing at this time. My friends smile as I hand out bottles of an oil called “OnGuard" which acts to boost the immune system. Given the situation the world is currently facing, the timing for the launch of this product feels like serendipity. My hope in introducing you to these oils, is a chance for you to support your own health and mental wellbeing, as well a being a thoughtful gift for someone you love, to say you are thinking about them. Enjoy.

I am a Doterra Wellness Advocate and stand behind their vision as explained in the video below.




Photographer Deborah Schenck draws food for the soul from her home on the south Devon coast. Now, she’s bottling ocean-inspired aromatherapy remedies that would make fantastic coastal inspired gifts this Christmas

Professional photographer Deborah Schenck never valued the importance of living by the sea more than at the start of lockdown. She takes every opportunity to walk along the beach near her home at Torcross or to Start Point lighthouse just along the South Devon coast. Often just gazing out at the horizon or slowly mooching along the shoreline searching for shells, starfish or sea urchins to photograph, she always returns from the sea feeling invigorated and refreshed.

With commercial photo shoots postponed, she prioritised her ‘blue’ health, knowing her close affinity with the sea would help her to stay positive. In March, she swapped the camera for a needle and thread to launch her new venture, Nature’s First Aid, bottling up essential oils inspired by her ocean surroundings and holistic approach to self-care. ‘I love the hands-on nature of my work and wanted to focus on something new and creative,’ says Deborah, who has always loved aromatherapy. ‘I’d always be the first to offer a healthy and healing natural essential oil when a friend had a headache, allergy or chronic stress.’ Deborah also crafts miniature leather purses for her bespoke travel kits, perfect as an on-the-go healing remedy.


She works either from her nearby studio or at the shingle beach, sometimes taking materials with her to sew while chatting to friends and listening to the waves lapping on the shore. ‘The portable nature of my new business means I can just take a bag with me and work anywhere,’ Deborah explains. She is collaborating with local ceramicist, Jilly Russell, to make porous porcelain diffusers and beads for bracelets that can be immersed in essential oils for a therapeutic smell. ‘My daughter Olivia helps make these lovely bracelets – if you’re feeling stressed or anxious you can just add a drop of wild orange oil to the small ceramic disc and the calming effect will last a couple of days.’

From her home, she can see right across Slapton Ley and the bay beyond. ‘It’s a magical place that now feels completely like home,’ says Deborah, who moved here last year after having lived in the US, and then Hope Cove and Kingsbridge, also in the South Devon. ‘I’ve always dreamt of living here and being by the sea has been such a lifesaver this year, I feel very grateful. Hopefully lockdown will give people a fresh outlook on the rat race and a reminder that self-care is of utmost importance, wherever you may live.’


I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to a new way of sharing the gift of doTerra essential oils with my friends and family. I am a counsellor and RTT therapist and as such work with many people struggling with emotional pain and trauma. I am probably unusual in the sense I use the oils on an emotional level which is a less well understood role. For my work I needed to find something to protect me from "burn out”, I have to be mindful of my own wellbeing and absorbing others pain. As I started learning more and as issues have arisen in my own family, I have discovered the wide range of uses for my families health especially during the recent health crisis affecting us all. Two of my friends children contracted mumps and the oils seemed to work wonders on reducing the symptoms and aiding their recovery. My husband had impetigo and we couldn’t get near the Dr for antibiotic cream so gave Melaleuca a try.... it worked wonders ! Any sign of a cold, On Guard seems to ward it off. I could go on, I am still learning ..... I have struggled to find how to give them to friends as the oils need to be in glass bottles to protect the potency and purity so when I discovered your gift sets, I was thrilled because they are such a beautiful way for me to share the treasures I am discovering everyday. Exquisitely made and very personal so they convey everything I want to convey about how precious my friends and family are to me. Something I am appreciating now more than ever. I bought one for a dear friend who has been struggling to recover from the symptoms of Covid 19 and could not sleep. After using the lavender she said she had the best sleep she had had in days and wanted to know where to get more! Sorry for the long message but I am so thrilled to find this type of gift. Not something you can find easily when you want to share from your heart.

Emma a Therapist