Nature's Mini Dog Kits

  • £25.00

This kit is designed to have with you and your faithful friend at all times. A natural and eco-friendly remedy to support your dog both physically and emotionally. The essential oils are 100% pure so you only need to use a small amount and they will not harm your dog if they lick their paws. I would suggest allowing your dog to smell the oil first. They are very sensitive to smell and will let you know if they do not like the oil.

Attention* - If you wish to personalise your kit please contact with your order number and desired letter for the personalised tag after your purchase.


Choice of 2 kits each with 2 bottles of essential oils:




- Helps with cardiovascular health.

- Rub 1-2 drops onto paws or massage around the heart area. It also helps with dry skin if stroked into the fur and is calming for an anxious dog.

Contains Cedarwood essential oil.


- Aids relaxation and sleep.

- Apply 1-2 drops on paws or around ears for ear mites or ear infections. Can also be applied to cuts or skin irritations.

Contains Lavender essential oil.




- Helps joint pain and arthritis if rubbed into fur or apply 2 drops onto paws.

- It also helps relieve earache if rubbed around the ears.

Contains Copaiba essential oil.


- Aids relief from pulled muscles and joint pain. Rub into fur or apply 2 drops onto paws.

- Also good to use as an antiseptic on cuts.

Contains Lemongrass essential oil


Bottle Size: 1/4 (1ml) Two Dram Bottles
Leather Pouch Size: 5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm