Nature’s Yoga Kit

  • £35.00

This kit is designed to support your Yoga practice. Add a few drops from our Yoga kit blends to a diffuser or your chakra points and take your physical, mental, and spiritual health to the next level. 

The essential oils are 100%  pure so you only need to use a small amount and please dilute with a carrier oil like coconut. Nature's First Aid uses the natural medical properties found in plants. Directions inside. 

Attention* - If you wish to personalise your kit pleasecontact with your order number and desired letter for the personalised tag after your purchase.


- This essential oil blend helps centre the body. Used with Yoga practices like Warrior II, Triangle and Gate pose it can help align the body and create a sense of peace and purpose.

- Inhale from the bottle or apply 2 drops to porcelain bracelet or necklace (sold separately). Before starting each day, apply Align over your heart, wrists and back of the neck to promote feelings of self-acceptance and fluidity.

- Contains a blend of peppermint, basil, geranium and jasmine flower essential oils.


- This enlightening blend can provide joy to uplift you and rise up. Ideal to use in your Yoga practice with Standing Mountain and half-moon poses.

- When you wake up, apply 2 drops onto your heart while practising daily affirmations, to help you face the day with clarity. Infuse with a diffuser or jewellery (sold separately). 

- Contains a blend of grapefruit, lemon, osmanthus and siberian fir essential oils.


- Anchor helps restore balance and stillness in your life. When faced with challenges it helps encourage a steady way forward. Ideal to use when meditating, twist poses in yoga and Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart, the other on the earth)

- Apply a few drops to the ankles, the base of spine and bottoms of feet to promote calm and completeness. Especially good to use with mediation.

- Contains a blend of lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, frankincense, black pepper and patchouli essential oils.


- Assists with all balancing yoga exercises, including Eagle, Tree and Dancer poses. The practise of Yoga helps promote lifelong health and vitality of both a balanced mind and body.

- Inhale from the bottle or infuse into the air with porcelain diffuser (sold separately). Also, apply a few drops to the bottoms of the feet to feel more grounded.

Contains spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile and osmanthus essential oils.